Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"goin' fishin'

ok, so i may not get out of the house much what with four kids and all, but i'll tell ya, i got to go fishin' today. no, it was not on the breezy beautiful banks of the little tennesse river, but close. i actually went fishing down in the great depths of my baby's lap and highchair. i acutally caught about a dozen gold fish, believe it or not. my fingers plunged into the mushy breaded and pretzel crumbed bottomless chair and lap of my almost one year old, braden, i was caught in a moment of thought, as the bread went srtaight up into my fingernails, why this way? i asked. i laughed the rueful ironic laugh of a mother nearly senile. yes, i was fishing, but i was doing it so when i picked up braden all the crumbes would not fall on the floor. why i thought, again. the broom is better suited for this dirty work, save my poor nails. i laughed again...what nails, i said. i'm a working mother, i have no nails. this has been an "oddball moment."

Monday, April 27, 2009

a warning to all who venture to read this blog.....

well, a little clue for you if you deside to read this and perhaps return to this site again in the future. i need to convey to you a message about the chosen language of this blog. me and my family speak in movie quote form; for most of the time. we frequently and randomly throw out quotes that are playing through in our heads. we actually converse with each other this way. i had grown up learning and perfecting this language from my father and older siblings, of which i aspire to be quite as elegant a languist as they, and the golden age of the home VCR. having been somewhat a poor family, my father "taped" every movie possible, instead of taking us to all the movies. you should see his home movie library! movies had become quite the staple to our family entertainment.( i am now realizing that other families had similar upbringings, we were not alone.) but it was upon meeting my now husband, of twelve years, that it soon became apparent that he too could converse in my native tongue. thus a family was built on this big screen foundation. you must understand and have patients if you suddenly feel lost in the readings. the quotes will play through and the conversation will pick up following it. it's like a burp with words. i'll try not to converse in sole movie quote form, for your benefit. thanks so much for the willingness to read beyond the family of oddballs.btw..it is genetic.
welcome to our blog. our family has many interesting things always going on. this will allow our lond distance friendships to continue. feel free to sift through anything that catches your eye!