Wednesday, December 22, 2010

my newest priesthood holder!
me and my babes!
my goofballs!!!
my fam!
my two preisthood holders!!!
me and my hon!!!
my darling daughter!
my handsome boys. Collier got the Aaronic Priesthood today!!!
the kiddos!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A sweet reminder at Christmas!

I read a talk by Jeffrey R. Holland last night. The message was about the actual birth night of our Savior. He spoke lovingly but real about how Mary and Joseph must have felt during the events that led up to and after the birth. How Joseph, being a MAN, probably felt inadequate and too poor to raise the Son of God. He was so poor, he could not afford any room in the inn, nor could he provide any shelter and comfort for his espoused wife to lay and deliver. Mary had no family, no sisters or mother to comfort her in the frightening time leading to and into the labor. She had ridden on a donkey a hundred miles to Bethlehem in the very last bit of her pregnancy. (I don't know about any of you, but I didn't go ANYWHERE in my last month at all, let alone travel by foot and donkey while by body was preparing to deliver.) I do not think I would have been so tolerable to deliver in a stable full of animal hair and feces. How degraded Joseph must have felt for her and himself along with delivering the Son of God, Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords, in such conditions. But pride was swept aside, feelings of unworthiness, and concern for better comforts as the Heavens poured out angelic Hall Le Lu yahs, the animals became lowly and reverent, and the night grew dark and still, as Mary delivered the King of Kings and Lord of all. How true this day, as well as that night, to remember that Christmas is about a baby. The babe of hope, life, living water, salvation, love, mercy, and eternal life. We do not need to stress ourselves about Christmas parties, decorations, and Santa wish lists, but to reverently teach and remind ourselves as well as our children, that Christmas is just that, Christ. As Heavenly Father blessed us with the first gift of Christmas, may we bless others around us with that same gift; the knowledge of our Savior. That he lives and has atoned for the sins of the world. He has broken the bonds of death, both physical and spiritual that we may return to our royal Father in Heaven, who is waiting ever so patiently for our safe and joyous return!

May the still, reverent, joy and wonder of that night, be planted in your hearts this Christmas, and all year long. May you feel the Power and Majesty of His love for you. He is the gift you can give and receive this Christmas! "The miracle can happen for you and to you!"(Scrooged)

Wishing all my family and friends the most joyous Christmas and New Year!!!!

love with all my heart,
Valerie and family.


have you ever had a moment ou desprately wanted back??? I am sure you have! Mine was the other night, when I pulled out the camera to capture willie's 40th birthday. I turned it on to take a pic when the memory card flashed that it was full. In my haste to delete a feew unwanted photos to make room for the new, I accedently deleted ALL of the pictures and videos on it! I want to cry, but I won't. All that was deleted was Halloween, Thanksgiving with my mom, and the first snow falls and sleddings of the season! OK, I think I will cry now. I had some sweet treasures on that thing! Technology, so easy to capture, so easy to erase! uggg. so bummbed!
Aisy took this pic! quite the little photographer!!!
me and my hun sittin' atop the world!
kids viewing the view! Jake, Aisy, Kaylee, Braden, Austin, and Collier!
visiting the BlueRidge Parkway!
winter snow on the mountain!