Friday, November 5, 2010

photo update to follow soon, I promise!!!

We had such a great Halloween this year. Collier and Austin helped Willie set a haunted trunk for our Trunk-or-treat this year. It was a hit! Collier was a ware wolf, Austin a mad scientist, Aislynne was a ballerina witch, and Braden was a Dinosaur. (his latest obsession) It was really fun to set up the trunk-or-treat with great friends and to see the children frolic in the cool autumn air. Aisy also celebrated her 4th birthday and started Ballet, and now it is the Holiday time! We have so many great pictures to share. I will try and post them this weekend! love to you all. we miss you.

Catching Up with myself!

Ok, so I have been really bad about blogging lately. I think it is because once I started school, I have no free time to myself...EVER!! so, in an effort to record the goings on in our household, I had better get blogging!

First, I am feeling quite happy at present. I am loving the place I live. I am witnessing Earth change wardrobes once again. I can't believe it has already been a year! Time has certainly flown. I am nestled on the couch with laptop warming my legs and fire popping and crackling in the fireplace. I softly hear the breathing of my slumbering Braden (he is sick with an earache and is in need of his Mama being near, this secretly excites me, for he doesn't usually need me anymore). Anyways, moving on, I sit and see the wonder of God in my daily life, no, not the panoramic view that is my backyard for the time being and it is such a wonder, but of His daily wonder within the walls of my home. My family has been tremendously blessed this year, and so following our Prophet Thomas S. Monson's talk on Gratitude, I think I will indulge myself in remembering and pondering the wonder that has settled on my humble family. Bare with me....

It is easy for me to count the things that are not in my possession as of yet, that are some of my greater desires. Things that I have wanted for a while and have worked for, but have not been given. Things like my own house, my furniture, pictures, belongings, a yard, a new van, new clothes for myself and my ever growing family. But I have found that these recurring thoughts only lead me down the road of anxiety, misery, and self loathing. I hate the feelings of misery, defeat, and self-loathing. They make me feel like I am not worth a dang thing! Here is the funny thing, long ago, once upon a time, I knew I was worth EVERYTHING. What happened to me? So, I resolved to change, not my situation because that couldn't change as of then, or now, but I could change my attitude. That is not very easy to do......but.......

I did.

I am now waking each morning with the thoughts of Gratitude, rather than the missing things in my life. I am now counting my true blessings and pondering the words of my Savior, daily. This inspires me to remember my commitment to Him, myself, and my family. Here is what I have been blessed with this year, and the year isn't even over yet!

I started college. I did! I am nearly finished with my freshman year! Yahoo! I love it. I feel smarter, able, happy, challenged, like my old self...but way better. I have all "A's" except for one "B." I can't remember the last time my grades were so good. Maybe elementary school! It has been a struggle to schedule school as part of my everyday life, but as my mom always says, "Time goes by, no matter what you do, so make what you do count!" I plan to Mom! I am going to school to eventually achieve my Psych Doctorate in Neuroclinical psychology for children. I have been narrowing this down and have found the actual field that drives me. I am so excited!

My husband will shortly be attending school with me. His goal is to become a teacher. (something he is a natural at)

I underwent a hysterectomy this past summer and with the help of my family and extended family, I have made a full recovery and have seriously never felt better! I have so much more energy and zest for life. I feel like I can do anything I want. My body seems to be so thankful for this surgery. I had my nerves, but the most capable, wonderful doctor took extreme pity on me and blessed me with a textbook operation and recovery! I only suffer with hot flashes. (a small price to pay, I think) I think it is weird to go an entire month and forget that pain hasn't arrived as it used to. Feeling fabulous!

My family has enjoyed good health this year, My husband has found a job in which he loves and is great at. He likes the challenge and the people he works for. My calling at church has quickly blinked by me this year and I have learned so much from it. My counselors in Primary are the best support and I could never do it all myself, they are my right and left hands, not to mention half my brain at times! The children are dear to me and I really mean that! I love my calling still, after a year and a half! wow, has it already been that long? My Father in heaven has blessed my family specifically with the spiritual needs and has blessed us so that Willie can be at home in the evenings with us. The older boys needed him so. Now, he is preparing my eldest son to receive the priesthood next month! I can't believe it! Collier will be 12 in four weeks! What a young man he has grown into. I couldn't be prouder of him. Family home evenings now seem to feel complete and so sweet! They are my favorite times of each week. We share so many spiritual moments with each other as well as laughs!(but I am sure that last part isn't surprising with Willie and my older boys)

It has been a privileged to learn Heavenly Father's will for me and my family at His time and in His ways. I have been so blessed to raise the best children on earth. This time of year has brought my thoughts to Him and my specific blessings. I truly believe that the secret to the happiest life is through our Savior, Jesus Christ. His mercy is sufficient for me. "If any man be willing to thrust in his sickle and reap, let him reap and he will be called of God to do His work."
(D&C chapter 11.) I am thrusting my heart and mind and soul in to His work. That is my calling on earth, to teach others of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have never been happier than I am now, living His ways and doing His work. I am far from perfect, but through Him, I am made whole! These words have comforted me and inspired me this year. I submit my will to His, and I am happier for it! The thing I am most thankful for is this knowledge that my Savior lives, loves me, and I love Him. His Gospel is real, living,and true. I think I am so blessed to know this without a doubt. It is entwined within my soul and has become the very core of me. To Him, I am most grateful.

As for the other stuff....all in His time:)

I will close with the blessings of a deeper friendship with my husband and a new stage of life. I also have been tremendously blessed with some of the sweetest most real friends a gal could ever have. My friends here in Franklin are my support net and my source for laughter, spiritual growth, and FUN! I feel privileged to know them and their sweet families. Thank you all for loving us, even Willie! You guys are so awesome!

My family is in all agreement that for now, there is nowhere else we'd rather be and no other family we'd rather be.

It is such a great blessing to feel .....Happy!

well, Braden has awoken and is needing my attention! awww! How I love this little guy!