Tuesday, January 19, 2010

coming back up for air

well the holidays are over. they were quite surprisingly wonderful. i had such delightful company and the Christmas/new year's celebrations were surely ones to remember. with that said...

"I'm coming back up for air!"

yes, i need fresh air, new life...and the Internet! during the wonderful holidays, my computer decided to get quite a few nasty viruses and well, simply tried to give up the digital ghost. ...or so we thought. our friends came over for dinner and well, as good friends go, they decided to help us in our dire need, feeling so sorry for our lack of technical connections. a few miracles were able to be performed that night in order to restore what our computer was trying to take to the grave. we now are back on line better than ever. thanks to the Loverns and their selfless concern for our digital well-being. i love you guys. you'll never know what it meant for me to return to the tech world that i live in.

friends, let me paint you a horrible picture of what it was to be without my link to cyberspace. you'll feel just as bad as the Loverns did, i assure you.

i have a primary calling at church in which i totally stunt my own imagination and copy others ideas on line, just to get me going:) so to speak. that's what i tell myself. anyways, i had to depend on others computers and others time for that. it was fine, but very hard for me not to access what i knew would take seconds for me in the resent past.

another reason is that willie and i love to jump onto the Internet to see up coming movies, and other trivia. we love to access info to prove each other wrong, or right on my part, hahahah. yes, we are quite the trivia nerds.

then there's this reason. i and my siblings and bestest friend in the whole world live thousands of miles apart now. and i am very close to them. i consider it a blessing when i reflect on the family i was born into. so even though i call them all frequently, i also chat and keep up with them via facebook/email and yahoo groups. this is my LIFELINE. i sit, quite pathetically checking my email and facebook accounts to see which sibling responded to my links or chats. i live in breathless anticipation to hear of any such news or words that let me peek into the lives of those whom i care most about in the world. i know..sad huh? but to be honest, it makes me feel like a part of their lives still. a feeling i am desperately trying to maintain, being so far away. if i have a lost connection, i feel lost myself. part of me resides with them, lingering somewhere in cyberspace. so imagine after being habitually attached to this Internet, loosing the connection all together, with no hope of when i would return, well, you might as well bury me now.

indeed i was lost. i felt buried beneath the world. caught in a time before technology took off. i felt behind in the news of the family connection. i felt lonely, sad, and i know i badgered my bff more than normal because i needed some news and some adult to talk to during my long solitary confinement. thanks to Tiffany, i was able to tread sanity. that's what bff's are for, right? thanks, Tiff. my kids thank you as well. ha ha

anyways back to my point see. i need air, fresh air, new life that breathes into me the love and connection of my loved ones through the magnificent, often taken for granted, invaluable Internet. but above all, my head is above the earth, no longer buried beneath, lonely and forgotten. i rise now to join the world in the ridiculous facebook cliches and the email forwards that we never forward and the wonderful world of blogging. hello all my friends and family...I'm back!

seriously, thanks to the Loverns and their friendship and mostly Josh's genius technical abilities that rival bill gates, I'm sure:) you've saved my life and possibly my children's lives, as now i won't go in sane being left solely to them and their ways.

i can breath again.