Thursday, August 27, 2009

jenny, i thought you'd love this one. cause when are our kids NOT eating or asking to eat? they acted like they were starving!!! too funny. even little braden's head is there. he was just as "starving".

this was at dry falls. my boys and their bff logan. he visited two weeks ago, from fl. it was great to see him again. star wars and more star wars were on the agenda for that week. then it was off for some waterfall fun, and the pool with some conoeing at the river!! great time.

yes, they were shooting at me...and got me good!!! this was at dollywood with some good friends!! thanks proctors for a great time!
this is buster butt falls. well part of it. this part is a very high rock that you jump off of into the freezing water below. the falls are off to the left. it's actually really deep right where you land. it was awesome and all of us did it. when i fix the other videos of the others, i'll post them too. we actually had to climb a rope and scale the big side of a rock to get up to where you jump off. this is where i saw how brave my walz boys were.

history definitely repeats itself...

ok, so if i'm going to make my point, allow me to go back in history a ways...say...twenty or so years ago. wow has it been that long? anyways. here up in our childhood bedroom my bestest friend/sister and i sat sneeking our favorite treat into our secret hiding place, which happened to be the olnly hidding place as we shared a room with two other sisters. i.e. the closet. we had planned to sneak out of bed that night to retreive the said snack and consume it in our own timely manner; to indulge ourselves in a sweet pleasure of yumminess. this snack just so happened to be...(bare in mind we were poor...) it was powdered sugar in a red cup. well we waited with anticipation to that eveing when we could fulfill our childish dream of eating as much sugar as we wanted, when just as we were saying good night to mom and dad, our sister had found the sneaky treat and was running down the stairs yelling in her highest voice..."look what i found in the closet!! look what valerie and tiffany had in the closet!!"
we were punished severly for that. too severly, if you ask me. we were angry. so angry at our sister for ratting us out. we couldn't understand why she would tell on us.
but hear listen to this...
so that being a sore subject with me and my dearest friend, i must say, maybe now i can see a point in tattling. MAYBE. yesterday i made chocolate crinkles. cookies with powdered sugar sprinkled lightly on the top. yummy. anyways, collier was hovering around me as i was making the first batch. i knew he was impatient to devour the cookies. after i was feeling a little ill, willie took over the cookie making and i turned and gave collier permission to have a taste of the powdered sugar while he waited for the cookies to come out of the oven. i left the kitchen, propped up my feet and left the heat and cluttered chaos to my ever capable husband.
later that evening, we are saying goodnight to the boys and willie goes down to see them to bed and to make sure that their clothes are good for the following day. he comes back up the stairs and says to me "look what i found in your sons' room." (notice he said "your sons'") i looked. it was the bowel of powdered sugar. collier had escaped to his room with this delectable treat so that he could eat it at his leisure. i simply stared at the bowel in disbelief. all i could say is.." history definitely repeats itself!"
i had to laugh. though i couldn't bring myself to punish him for it, i did tell him it wasn't so wise to bring food down to the room. it could attract all kinds of sugar seeking rodents and other mountain creatures willing to throw caution to the wind to risk life and limb to get some. cause if they come in...they don't go out alive. so as i said i can ALMOST see the reasoning for my sister's tattling. i wouldn't want to live in a room where food was being smothered in all the time. but it was our first offense as it was collier's and to be honest, it's a little cute and sad at the same time. i don't think it warranted a punishment. am i wrong here in thinking this? let me know what you all think!! would you have punished your kids upon finding that in there room?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

this is my first baby, a ten year old fifth grader..he is a wonderful son and the best big brother. he is my artist and outstanding reader. his humor cracks me up. collier, may you find fun and success this year. kisses and hugs.

back to school boys

this is my once"baby 'austy" he is now a big fourth grader. he is a sports nut and a rocker at heart. he is a loveable comedian and an outstanding student. he is a fine example of what a young man in the gospel should be. i'm so proud of him and wish him a great year of success. kisses and hugs to my austin.

Monday, August 3, 2009

thanks grammy. we love and miss you!!!

postcard perfect!

awesome...right?...the view i mean:)

braden finally couldn't stay awake. at least he made it to the top for the veiw and lunch!!! soooo cute!

the silers troop!!!
vista at silers bald!!!

this is just a fourth of the veiw!! it was a panoramic beauty to behold!!!

here are the rest of us climbing up. the veiw is next...wait for it...wait for it...

grammy, this is when you called. we were at the top of the mountain called silers bald. willie is trying to listen to you. i heard your voice and screamed "hi mommy".