Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Football Frolic ....and Cider

This weekend was full of many wonderful moments. This past Friday evening, the weather turned much cooler. I love the turn of the season when the oppressive heat of Summer gives way to the refreshing, crisp,clean, almost wild weather that is Autumn. The leaves have started to change, shedding their green for deep reds, and oranges that paint the mountains. The World seems to sigh in relief that the suffocating Summer has relinquished her hold. Soon the area will be draped in a bounteous cornucopia of colors. As this new Season sweeps in with strong and stirring winds, the inspiration that comes with it is intoxicating to say the least. It wakes the soul and inspires the creator within. The little child in me comes out to play. So, this weekend...I played. I was able to enjoy a game with my younger two children on the Trampoline and was having such a wonderful time, my older boys could not stand to be left out, so I played with them too:) The following morning, Saturday, the weather being even cooler, inspired me to invite the family to play a game of football. We all ran out side and down the pebble covered dirt road that winds down the mountain. As we set up and decided teams, the fierce north wind blew heavily against our unprotected bodies. We huddled together and shivered. I said "OK, break for sweaters and gloves...then GAME ON!" We each made a mad dash to the house to dig through our winter gear for mittens, gloves, knit hats and so on. As we searched for the notoriously missing "other glove" for each set, we decided to warm up with some orchard fresh apple cider. We filled up our cups, donned our hats and gloves and headed out for some Fall football frolic.

I was so excited to be playing with my kids and husband. I was never good at sports but due to my husband's fabulous coaching through the years, I managed to play a game worthy of my older boys. But what I was most impressed with was watching them suppress their adolescent boy hunger and taste for raw blood in the game and put aside their feelings to play a game in a way that the younger two kids could play and be a part of. Aislynne and Braden both made the touchdowns and begged to be on the older boy's teams. Screams and shouts for all the kids against mom and dad were soon chanted  through the wind. The challenge was on. We played well, but ultimately lost to our children as our five year old swept passed us and headed towards the make-shift "in-zone." Cheers shouted out in victory! The kids laughed and slapped hands in champion hi-fives!

Throughout the game, we would rest a moment to sip cider then back to the game. After the game we all trudged back to the house and sat together enjoying what was left of our hot cider. We swapped tales of fumbles, passes, and touch-downs. We shared much more than that.

We shared our talents, our cider, and our love.

We made a wonderful memory. As parents, both full-time students, Willie and I feel that our Saturdays are the days for our family to gather together to work and play. It is our day to make memories and share happy moments together. It is precious to us this one day of play. From family swimming and diving lessons in the summer to family football in the Fall, we find interests that we all enjoy. This keeps us close and involved in each other's lives.

I must say that as my boys get older, it gets more fun. and I am proud of the example they are to their younger siblings. Collier has surpassed me in height and Austin is on his way to growing up as well. In these moments it is nice to not be the parent, but their equal brother and sister under God. I am privileged to know them.

This morning, the first thing out of Braden's mouth was "Can we play football again?"

How I LOVE my family so very much and hope and pray they remember these simple, fun moments and think back on them with warmth and love.

and I ......

.....I can't wait until we have a re-match!!!

"Go Team Walz"

"The KID's team"

Aisy gettin' passed Austin!

"Touchdown dance"

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