Sunday, October 2, 2011

"It's all about the Work."

This weekend was special because in our church, we have general Conference twice a year. This year it was this weekend. General Conference is when the General Authorities of the church speak to us the members and give encouragement and hope. They up-lift us and impart their wisdom and revelation to us. This year, it has been tough for me to find myself as I navigate my way through grief. My trials that normally seem bearable, seem like they are drowning me. I can't seem to get ahold of my proper footing that I once had at the beginning of the year. I hate to admit this, but I was not happy. This bothered me tremendously. I am not one who likes to wallow in self-pity or play the woe is me card often. I am a problem solver. I get to the bottom of the issues and I solve them quickly if able. I seek happiness often if I find it is absent. Life is too short, not to be happy. But recently, happiness has eluded me and I have been on a mission to find it.

After a most inspiring and up-lifting conference session on Saturday, I left the BYU TV channel on and watched what came on after it. It was first about missionaries going to the Missionary Training Center and what they do there to prepare for their missions. It was pretty neat to watch. I sat there with Austin talking and discussing the future of his mission. Then a movie called "Best Two Years" came on. I had seen this before and really liked how it was done. So, I invited Austin to sit and watch it with me, as Collier and Willie were at the General Priesthood Meeting at church. We sat and watched it. We laughed, I cried a little, and we laughed some more. The part that got to me the most was the near the end when Elder Johnson asks Elder Rogers what it is all about, and how did Elder Rogers snap out of his depression and feelings of homesickness. Elder Rogers replied "Why are we out here on our missions, what is it all for?...It is all about the Work."

"It's all about the Work."

"It is all about HIS work."

We are all born to this Earth on missions of our own; to return as loyal sons and daughters to our Heavenly Father. This life, whatever we think is ours and ours alone, it is because of agency, but those who take upon themselves the name of Jesus Christ through baptism, their lives bare His name and His work. We become His true disciples and serve others in His stead. This becomes our mission in life.

Life has many trials and tribulations that plague us all. At times, these may seem unbearable to carry. Christ is waiting for us to give our burdens to Him. I knew this, but could not get happy until this morning I was praying and thinking of how to let go of my burden of sorrow, homesickness, and many other feelings I was weakened by. The thought entered my mind that as long as I am focused on the work of my Savior, I'll find my true happiness; the happiness that lasts for Eternity, that radiates from deep within and pours out. I immediately felt lighter and happier inside. "it is really all about the work we do; His work. I knew the Lord was there with me and helping my thoughts turn to a person who could take all my sorrow and frustrations away and in turn give me hope, light, and a mission worthy of me. I have been called to serve a mission for my Lord and Savior in this world.

My mission:
To serve my Lord, my husband, my children. To love and serve my friends and family, to lighten other's loads around me. My mission is teaching the children of Franklin the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To serve and work in the Temple. My mission is to shine the light of Christ through my actions and deeds.

Once I stopped focusing on my heartache and on His work for me to accomplish, my life became His once more. I know from my past that when I am immersed in doing good works and doing His work, it fills me with such joy, peace, and satisfaction. It fills my soul and I feel close to heaven.....
...... and ....
.....I become happy.

So, the key to true happiness.....

"It is ALL about HIS Work!"

And that is what I'll do!

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